Become a Life Champion in 5 steps


You’ve known competition your entire life; it’s apart of you. The only thing that burns more than your legs after a 10k is the fire to be the best. Your childhood bedroom has shelves full of trophy’s and MVP ribbons. Your on-field success is the product of intense self-discipline and hard work. No one had to tell you to get up before school and hit the gym or get that run in, you did it because you knew what it would take to be successful in athletics. Your sports career has since come to a screeching halt. Now you’re focus is on real world success. The good news is all of those healthy habits you’ve formed are the building blocks for professional success.

You’re a fierce competitor on the field; now let me tell you how to be a fierce competitor in the office.

  1. Game Plan

First you’re going to need somewhere to write down your thoughts and reflections. This should be a small book you can carry in a brief case or purse. It should come everywhere with you and over time will become your self-authored roadmap to success.

In your book write daily, monthly, yearly and five-year goals for yourself. Everyday reflect on what you’ve done well and where you need to improve. Recalibrate and stay focused on your goals.

Plan ahead and keep focused on your goals.

  1. Train

Like every preseason you’ve ever persevered through, the start to professional success begins with training. Taking care of your body is essential to continued work place prosperity. Eating healthy and regular exercise has a myriad of positive effects on productivity and longevity.

Regular exercise releases chemicals in your brain that gives you more energy, reduces stress and improves your mood. A healthy diet helps your body combat disease and keeps you from taking sick days.

This gives you more time to achieve your goals. And more time to enjoy the spoils of your success!

  1. Watch Film

Prolific athletes study the greats that came before them. This rings true in business as well. Make a list in your book of people you aspire to emulate, now go read everything they’ve written and watch them speak.

To be the best you must learn from the best.

  1. Compete

Just because you’re organized athletic career is over doesn’t mean you’re done with competition. Successful people never stop competing. Competition doesn’t automatically refer to athletics; in fact you should be competing in many aspects of life. Challenge someone in the office to hit a sales goal this month and make the loser buy you (the winner) an end of the month steak dinner. This is a great way to keep yourself motivated and a bit of healthy competition will help you build relationships with your co-workers.

Put yourself in challenging situations pitted up against the best competition you can find. Regular competition keeps us sharp and hones the skills we need to work on.

  1. Win

Success isn’t given; it’s earned through countless hours of thankless work. Successful people do whatever it takes to never be denied and to always come out on top. Whether it be on the field, court or in life keep pushing for more. There is always room to grow, do it better and reach higher.

Finally, ENJOY your success, take a moment each day to step back look at what you’ve accomplished and pat yourself on the back; you’re on the way to a rich and fulfilling life!

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